You can access your Memorial Credit Union account statement online by signing up for E-Statements. This will not only help eliminate the paper mail that arrives at your home, but you will be able to access your statement several days before you would normally receive a paper statement.

To view or sign up for E-Statements, login to MCU Online.

If you do not currently have an MCU Online, enroll now.

E-Statement Benefits:       

  • Fast Delivery: By signing up for E-Statements you will receive your statements quicker than traditional mail
  • Monthly Notifications:  Email notifications will be sent whenever your monthly statement is available for review
  • Immediate access:  View, download, and print your statement the day it becomes available. (Receive exact paper statement copy)*
  • Fraud deterrence: Reduce the chance of mail fraud or identity theft by removing the paper trail
  • Can cancel at anytime
Sign Up for E-Statements
  • Register for MCU Online to get enrolled into E-Statements.
  • First time users will be asked to enroll.
  • Click the E-Statement tab,  you’ll be presented with a User Agreement to View. If you accept to the Terms and Conditions click “Delivery Preferences” and select your statement preference.
  • Lastly, confirm email address on file by checking correct address or add now email address.
  • Not yet enrolled in MCU Online? Click here to sign up.

When you enroll in E-statements, you will also receive account information electronically. The next time you are in the branch tell the representative you’d like eReceipts too. Memorial Credit Union will send you an email when new statements or receipts are available for viewing.

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  • You can access 3 years of prior statements. Older statements may be available upon request.