Loan Rates

Get a loyalty rate deduction off your Auto, Boat, or Recreational Vehicle Loan! Please ask a representative for your qualifying rate.  

Rates effective as of March 1, 2022.                                                                             
Loan ProgramsApproximate TermAPR*
New Autos12 - 48 months (1)as low as 2.30%
49 - 76 monthsas low as 2.55%
77 - 84 monthsas low as 2.70%
Pre-Owned Autos12 - 72 monthsas low as 2.55%
73 - 84 monthsas low as 2.80%
New & Pre-Owned Motorcycle/ATVUp to 60 months (2)as low as 5.05%
New & Pre-Owned Boat, RV, CampersUp to 72 monthsas low as 5.05%
73 - 84 monthsas low as 5.50%
(Over $50,000)85 - 120 monthsas low as 6.05%
Certificate Secured3.00% above index
Shared Secured2.50 above index
Signature LoansUp to 60 monthsas low as 8.750%
Line of CreditPayment: 3% of Limit with a minimum of $308.75% - 18.00%
Credit Cards
Payment: 3% of balance or $18 whichever is greater12.90% - 17.90%
MortgagesClick here for rates
* As Low As (Based On Credit Score And Loan Term)

Protection Products**
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
MMP (Major Mechanical Protection)
Payment Protection
Identity Theft Protection

Rates as low as 1.99%.10% down payment, 20% down payment, MMP (Major Mechanical Protection + GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection), Payment Protection Plan, and MCU checking account with net DDP (minimum of 5 debit card transactions monthly)  all qualify for a .25% rate discount. Rates quoted do not include the available discounts. Please ask a representative for your qualifying rate. Discounts do not apply to floor rate of 1.99%.

*APR = Annual percentage rate. All rates listed as annual percentage rate (APR). Certain credit criteria and restrictions apply. Rates are based on a combination of your credit score, the term you select, collateral, cash payment and other lending criteria. Each application is evaluated on an individual basis.

** The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured. This coverage is not sold or guaranteed by your credit union. 

(1)Annual percentage rate of 2.30% is an approximate term of 12-48 months. Payment Example: 12 payments of $17.66 per $1000 borrowed at 2.30%. (2)Annual percentage rate of 5.05% is an approximate term of 12-60 months. Payment Example: 12 payments of $18.90 per $1000 borrowed at 5.05%.

The annual percentage rate (APR) for certificate secured advances will be the dividend being paid on the Certificate offered as security plus the index shown above. The loan payoff date must not exceed the Certificate maturity date. The current ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will be disclosed at the time of the advance.

We may report information about your loan and deposit accounts to credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments or other defaults on your accounts may be reflected in your credit report.