Pay My Loan


Make a Loan payment

Securely make loan payments using funds from another financial institution. External accounts could be: checking or savings account, credit card or a debit card.


  • Payment Reminder text alerts
  • Save debit card or bank account information for future payments
  • New loans will be added automatically to your profile
  • Make one-time payments without registering using Express Pay
  • Future-date loan payments up to five (5) days
  • Post payments the same day if scheduled before 5:00 PM CT

Making a loan payment is quick and easy.

Payment Reminder - Text Alerts

How it Works:

Opt -in message 15 days before payment due date

Text Message One
10 days before payment due date

Text Message
3 days before payment due date

Past Due

Text Message
3 days after payment due date

Additional Payment Options:

  • Internal Transfers. Recurring or one- time from your MCU account. To set up recurring transfers from your MCU account call a loan representative at 713.778.6300. For one-time transfers from your MCU account log on to MCU Online or visit our mobile app.

  • Automatic Payments. Set up payments from another financial institution. Complete this ACH Form online or call a representative at 713.778.6300.

  • By Mail: 7789 Southwest Freeway, Suite 175, Houston, Texas 77074

Note: *VISA’s payment policy prohibits the use of Visa credit cards to make loan payments. For assistance contact a Service Representative at 713-778-6300.

How do I register?

  • All you need to register is your Account Number, Last 4-digit of SSN, and Date of Birth.

What loans can I pay with this method?

  • You can make a loan payment to any type loan.

What type of accounts can be used to pay my Memorial Credit Union loan?

  • Any type of deposit account can be used to pay your loan.
  • Note: You will need your complete routing and account information from your other financial institution.

Is there a fee for this service?

  • There is a nominal fee for this service. By phone $13.95 or through our web payment portal $8.95.

Is there a limit of how much I can pay?

  • Payments done online have a maximum payment of $1250.00. For payments above this amount, you will need to call one of our agents to assist you with this payment.

What is Express Pay?

  • Express pay allows you to make a one-time payment without registering your account.

Will text messages be sent out on weekends and holidays?

  • Yes

What time of day will text messages be sent?

  • 10am to 5pm CST

If the borrower does not respond to the opt-in message (i.e. ignore), how many times will a subsequent opt-in message be sent?

  • One additional time on the next payment due date and then the phone number will be place in the opt-out mode.

What if I Opt-Out and then decide to later Opt-In?

  • Text “MemorialCU” to 32576, then follow the opt-in steps.

If you have any questions or concerns about your loan or other services at Memorial Credit Union, please give us a call at 713.778.6300.