Pay My Loan

Loan Payment Center

Securely make loan payments using funds from another financial institution. External accounts could be: checking or savings account, credit card or a debit card.

New Features:

  • Enhanced stylying and a more user friendly interface
  • Member will no longer use usernames, instead, an email address will be used to log in. Users will have to re-register to begin using Web Payment Center. It will only take a moment. Be sure to have your account number handy.

Getting Started:

To utilize Web Payment Center, you must first complete the registration information. You will need your member number and your loan type (example: 123456L45 ) to make a payment.  If you are unsure of your loan type, you may access this information 24/7 through MCU Online or contact a member service representative at 713-778-6300.

  • Register at MCU’s  Web Payment Center
  • Once request has been approved, you will receive an confirmation email
  • You will access your account with your email and password
  • You can save your account information for future payments
  • Payments can take up to 2 business days to post

There is a nominal fee for this service. By Phone $13.95, Web Payment Center $8.95

Pay My Loan


*VISA’s payment policy prohibits the use of Visa credit cards to make loan payments. For assistance contact a Service Representative at 713-778-6300.