EMV Chip Card FAQS


What is an EMV chip?

EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard®, VISA® and it represents microchip technology in your card that increases security. The EMV Chip Card originated in Europe and has been instrumental in preventing the spread of credit and debit card fraud. EMV Chip Card technology is different than the typical magnetic strip card. It’s far more secure and your safety is a priority for us. The microchip enhances this process by providing dynamic data at the time of use that cannot be known by someone who steals your card or card number.

How is the Chip Card more secure?

The embedded microchip provides unique data specific to your card and the transaction being processed. These security features make your new chip card extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Why is my card being upgraded to be a Chip Card?

Chip technology is already used in other countries and is now coming to the U.S. Your new chip-enabled card provides an extra level of security and is easier to use at places already chip ready.

Can I use my card for everyday transactions or at Non-Chip terminals?

Yes! Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so you can continue using your card at ATMs and Point of Sale Terminals while merchants in the U.S. are transitioning to new terminals.

What information is stored on the chip?

The embedded chip stores information required to authenticate, authorize, and process transactions. This is the same type of information that is stored today on the magnetic stripe. No personal information about your account is stored on the chip.

Can I still swipe my card?

Yes. If a merchant so not yet chip-activated, simply swipe your card and enter your PIN.  Or select CREDIT and sign for your purchase, if necessary.

Has my PIN changed?

No. You can still use your same PIN with your new card.

What should I do with my old Memorial Credit Union debit card?

Once you activate your new card, please destroy your existing card for security reasons.

Now that I have a chip card, should I continue to notify Memorial Credit Union before I travel internationally?

Yes, we recommend that you set a travel notice on any credit card(s) you plan to use while traveling so your card access isn’t interrupted.


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